Mafia Wars Tips--How To Save Money And Lower Bribe Penalties In Moscow

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We all know that Rubles are hard to come by in Moscow and that the items needed for jobs are WAY over priced ..I mean who ever heard of a riot helmet costing millions? In this article I will give you the low down on how you can save money by dumping the items that you were forced to purchase along the way and in some cases doing this will lower your bribe penalty and allow you to keep more of what you worked so hard to earn.

Each of the items listed below can be sold as soon as you master the episode.

Episode 1 – Baklany

The big item to dump in this episode is the Dubina. You are required to buy 6 of them and that is a big chunk of change and you will lose $R1.5 Million on the sale but in the process you will cut your bribe penalty by 3%. While that might not sound like much it will pay off in the long run by letting you keep R$50 million in the long run simply by eliminating some of the penalty.

The downside to this is that Dubina’s are once again required in Episode 5 but by selling them now you will earn more money and be able to purchase them again later with ease.

Episode 2 – Boets

You can sell off 6 taksi and the Dvinas that you had to purchase for this episode. Once again selling off the Dvinas will lower your bribe penalty allowing you to keep more of what you earn.

You can also sell off all of the Pistolet Besshumnyj that you have acquired unless you feel really attached to them.

Episode 3 – Bragadir

Dvina, balaclava, and motorsykl are the items that can get the heave ho this time. Selling off the dvinas lower your bribe penalty and more money is important in Moscow.

If you go vory from a min/max perspective which most players do you may want to hold on to the Shturmovik and Ubijca Assault rifle because they are the best attack items so far.

Episode 4 – Avtoritet

When you complete this episode you can sell off the track suits and forest camo suits as they are no longer needed and not required to finish the remaining episodes of Moscow.

Episode 5 – Vor

At the conclusion of the Vor episode you might want to dump the Lisitsa 32 sedans, bronezhilets, riot helmets, KRZ8, forest camo suits, Shturmovavy Vintovka, BYK-922, Boevy Nozh, RAS-28 Sub Machine Gun and once again Dubinas.

Get your bribe penalty as low as you can and start stuffing that bank account with Rubles because episode 6, like all of Moscow is expensive.

One important thing to do is stock up on consumables BEFORE selling this equipment off.

Episode 6 – Pakhan

You can sell off everything from this episode except the Sokel Helicopters they are used for farming loot.

All of this is subjective to how you play. You may want to hold on to some items for any number of reasons and that is completely your call. This is just an example of how I did it with one of my characters.

A Note of Caution: I advise the selling of these items as a way to lower your bribe penalty and keep more money in your account since as it stands the items with the exception of Dubinas are no longer needed to complete the rest of the episodes but there is always a chance that Zynga will surprise us with added episodes as they did tiers in Cuba, so use at your own risk.

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