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Tips to Find Time for Treadmill Walks & Beating Boredom

Treadmill Exercise Benefits
Let's start with the basic benefits of treadmill walking.

• Treadmill walking is great exercise at any age.
• Treadmill exercise will improve your balance.
• Treadmill workouts improve cardio endurance -- good for heart health and longevity.
• Treadmill walks improve overall strength, including back and core.
• Regular treadmill exercise will help you lose weight and keep it off.
• Treadmill walking exercise is a great stress reliever.

Schedule Treadmill Time

You know the benefits of treadmill exercise, now you need to find the time to walk. You know the story: "It's the end of the day and I didn't work out. Now there's no time." Scheduling your treadmill exercise, as you would any appointment or commitment, will make it easier to stay on track and not skip a workout due to lack of time in your hectic day. If you can't seem to find enough consecutive time for a good 40-60 minute workout, break your walk into segments throughout the day -- 20 minutes here, another 10 there, 15 later. Get the picture? If you can really only fit a few minutes in some days, well, some exercise is always better than no exercise!

Excuses, Excuses
But..."It's incredibly hot and humid. It's raining. By the time I get dressed and slathered in sunscreen, I won't have time for a workout." Etc, etc, etc. You can always come up with a reason not to get outside for a walk or jog this summer, but you can always jump on the treadmill and GO! Walking on the treadmill in the comfortable environment of your home seems quite pleasing on days when an outdoor workout just isn't an option. You certainly wouldn't opt to just forget about working out, since you can't go outside, right?! There was a reason you invested in that treadmill, right?!

Beat Treadmill Boredom
The perfect temperature is set, your water bottle is filled and at the ready, the DVD is on, your favorite music is ready for play. Now what's to keep you from boredom within the first couple minutes of walking?

• After your warm-up, try gradually increasing the incline every 5 minutes or so, then gradually decreasing before your cool-down.
• Try walk/jog intervals, by increasing then decreasing your speed every few minutes. You may find you'll need to decrease your speed when the incline is raised, just as you would when walking up a hill outside.
• Use treadmill walking workouts found online to vary your walking exercise routine.

These tips will simulate an outdoor workout with varied terrain, as opposed to walking at the same speed and incline for you entire workout. By varying your intensity throughout your walk, you'll benefit from a better cardio workout, as well as eliminating boredom during your treadmill workout.

Keep Trekkin'
Need a few more tips to keep trekkin' on the treadmill?

• Load some new upbeat songs to your playlist or change the CD's in your stereo.
• Pop a DVD into the computer or DVD player. To enliven your workout, scenic walking videos will turn your indoor treadmill walk into a trek through a wilderness paradise!
• Crank up the fan to feel the "breeze" as you walk, for even more of an outdoor feeling.

It's amazing how small changes to your normal routine can make a big impact on finding that get-up-and-go feeling. You may even find yourself staying on the treadmill a few minutes longer than usual!

Just Move it!
The MOST important piece of advice I can give you is "JUST GET MOVING!" Sounds simple and it IS simple. It's good for your body, mind and soul! Have you ever finished a workout and said to yourself: "I'm really disappointed I worked out. I should have just stayed on the couch."? No, I bet not. There is no better way to stay strong and relieve stress at the same time. So just get on that treadmill and start walking! Nothing can stop you now!

Treadmill Walking Quick Tips
• Schedule your treadmill walking workout into your daily calendar.
• Stop using excuses and start walking!
• Beat treadmill boredom by varying your treadmill workout routine.
• Use walking videos, virtual walking DVD's and music for motivation.
• Walk for your mind, body and soul, to stay strong and relieve stress.

About the Author

For the past 17 years, Krystal DeBord, has worked with many popular fitness magazines on photo shoots, gaining invaluable knowledge in health and fitness from professional trainers and athletes. Her passion for outdoor exercise led to the creation of the fitness DVD company, Scenic Trex, in 2008, with a goal to provide motivation and inspiration for indoor workouts, improving strength and serenity. Scenic Trex DVDs bring exotic locations right into your home, during treadmill walking, indoor cycling or elliptical workouts. Visit for more information.



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