Office Laminating Machines and their advantages

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Laminating machines protect important or frequently used documents and can be used in small companies or major corporations. Laminators can help you save money by eliminating the need to recopy or reprint documents that have not held up. Lamination machines are great for businesses that regularly print items, such as ID cards, maps or menus. In addition, laminators are a crucial piece of equipment for companies that produce VIP passes and backstage passes for concerts, sporting events and other events.

One of the main choices that need to be made when deciding which type of office laminating machines to buy is whether to choose a hot lamination type or cold lamination type. Both have their relative advantages and disadvantages. Cold laminator is the type of laminating machines use pressure sensitive adhesives to bind the lamination film. These machines are used when the material being laminated is sensitive to heat. For example, some ink jet printers use inks that can melt when heated. There are other types of printers that use heat sensitive paper. For these types of applications the cold laminator is the best choice.

The advantages of using cold laminating machine are :

1. The machine can do the job at a decent speed as the set up time is much lower. There is no need to wait for the machine to warm up as compared to hot laminating machine.

2. The machine is easier to operate and this is more convenient for the inexperienced people.

3. In terms of safety, cold lamination machine is better as there is absolutely no chance of anyone getting burned by high temperature lamination.

4. The machine required lower maintenance as compared to hot laminating machine. This is because the hot laminating machine needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure good results.

5. The lamination final result is better as there is no incidence of bubbles, curling or waves in the laminated product which happens by using hot laminating machine.

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