“Disk Killer” (Boot Sector Virus) Infection and Data Recovery

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Disk Killer virus, also known as Ogre is a destructive virus that severely infects the Master Boot Record/ Boot Sector of the system. It spreads in the system by writing copies of itself to 3 blocks on a floppy diskette or hard drive. Furthermore, these blocks are marked bad in the File Allocation Table (FAT), so that they cannot be overwritten. Being so destructive in nature, Disk Killer virus completely destroys the information or data present on the hard disk. After the virus has encrypted the entire disk, the only way way to get rid of this virus is to re-format the system. But, formatting removes all the data from the hard drive, which ultimately results in data loss In such situations, it is recommended to go for professional hard disk recovery services to recover your data completely.

Disk Killer virus spreads in the system when the system attempts to boot. Generally, you may fail to startup or to find the hard drive and receive the below mentioned error message at the startup:

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"Bad or missing command interpreter. Enter name of command interpreter."
Basically, Disk Killer virus infects the hard disk by writing its code in place of the MBR code, the boot sector code of the boot disk , or modifies the address of the active books sector in the Disk Partition Table in the hard disk MBR. When the Disk Killer virus gets activated, you encounter the below mentioned viral code:

"Disk Killer -- Version 1.00 by COMPUTER OGRE 04/01/89

Don't turn off the power or remove the diskette while Disk Killer is Processing!

Now you can turn off the power. I wish you Luck!"

And all the data on the disk or the diskette that was last booted from gets scrambled. However, if you immediately shutdown the system, then data-scrambling will not occur.


To prevent your system from Disk Killer virus, always make sure to install an updated or latest anti-virus in your system. An anti-virus software scans the system for viruses and remove them, if found. But, in case your system gets infected by Disk Killer virus, it may destroy all the information stored on the hard disk. In these situations, you need to use hard disk recovery services to effectively recover your data. These services are provided by disk recovery technicians and are carried out in the safe environment of Clean Rooms, both in cases of logical and physical data loss scenarios.

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