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Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera

[Best Syndication News] A pocket digital video camera is a smaller sized camcorder that records digitally to flash memory that can be built in the camera or on some models on removable storage media such as SD cards.

It is an exciting time for the digital video camera marketplace as it is emerging into a digital format as the new standard and is opening up new doors for developing technologies and merging technologies. You are seeing digital cameras and digital camcorder being built into mobile phones. You see a merger between and digital camera being able to record video and a digital camcorder being able to take good quality still photos.

So why would a person be interested in purchasing a pocket digital camcorders? Convenience and size. If you are tired of lugging around the video camera to the holiday get-togethers or your outings because it is so heavy and bulky, the smaller size of these cameras would be a nice feature. It would slip into your purse for easy transport and be ready whenever you are ready to record video.

The cost is an enticing feature to the pocket digital video camera. You can get the Kodak Zi8 which has resolution capabilities up to 1080p and it is HD format capable. The street price for the Zi8 currently is ranging around $155 - $180. There are other models that you can buy at $60 starting price. At around the $120 price range the quality is pretty decent.

One downfall of the pocket sized digital cameras are the shaky video footage. I think that the Flip and Creative brands have this problem addressed the best and have fairly stable video footage, but they don't have as many features that the Kodak Zi8 has in it. So depending on if you are looking for a quick family video capture you might want to research which has the most stable image. If you are a video nut that loves the idea of bringing along a tripod with you, (they do have small table top ones nowadays), then you would probably fall in love with the picture quality of the Kodak Zi8.

The zoom factor on the pocket digital video cameras are not as good as their big brothers, but I guess that is why they can make them smaller. There is a zoom function but it is kind of choppy on some of cameras. If you need a really good zoom then you might want to rethink the pocket video camera.

Typically the pocket digital video cameras have a built in USB plug that you plug the whole camera into the computer. You won't be looking for a capable that you might have misplaced and you are ready to transfer it to your system. If you have the Kodak Zi8 it has a removable SD card slot and you can plug the media directly into your system as well as the USB method.

You can almost expect that the pocket digital video cameras are going to become better and better and they are going to an inexpensive and easy way to capture your memories.

There are several contenders for the pocket digital camcorders. They include Flip, Kodak, Creative, and Samsung – just to name a few manufacturers. If you check out YouTube you can see other people that have used the cameras and several side-by-side comparisons of digital pocket video cameras models.

If your teens are begging for a cellphone because of the video camera built in and you aren't ready to commit to the cellphone part you might want to invest in the pocket camera instead.

Some people are getting inventive with the pocket video cameras and using velcro to attach it to their body so that they don't have to hold it in their hands. Another person built one in a motorcycle helmet to give you an on the road footage. One person suggested using PVC pipe to rig up a contraption to hold the camera for you. So it sounds like a lot of people are having fun with the pocket video cameras.

I would say that each person has their preferences and should research each model and check out the quality of the footage and the features that each camera offers along with the price tag to make their choice.

By: Dusty Rhodes



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