Effective Locations for Successful Poster Promotions

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Full color posters need to be placed in the proper location to make them effective. You cannot print posters and then just put them anywhere that seems convenient.

A proper location strategy for is necessary to maximize their potential and get the results that you want. Below are a few simple locations that usually prove successful for color posters.

• Doors and Entrances – One of the best locations are in doors and entrances. People always look in front of a door as they enter it. It is just natural to do so. Now, if you put your posters at precisely eye level in the door, you will get everyone who enters that door looking. It is almost assured exposure and it maximizes the impact and the chances of success with them. So whenever possible try to always pick “high traffic” doors where lots of people exit and enter. You will get a chance to get your message across to hundreds of people.

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• High traffic hallways – Hallways are also a prime spot for color posters. If you can post at high traffic hallways such as in commercial buildings and schools, you will get thousands of people looking. Since everyone needs to pass hallways, your posters can be assured their success. You might however want to post in regular intervals across the hallways so that you can really attract the people who are just passing by. Those regular postings should catch them at least once while walking. Moreover, you might need to design a special custom design that can attract people as they walk. So make your advertising material really eye catching when you want to deploy them in hallways.

• Lobby or waiting areas – Waiting areas such as lobbies, and transportation stops are also great locations. Since people are just waiting for the bus, or waiting for their appointment, their tendency is to look around and try to explore or read something. With your advertising tool there ready to be read, it is not surprising that it can succeed in these types of locations. So if you have lots of bus stops and public buildings with lobbies in your area, try to ask permission to place your posters there. You will definitely get great exposure in those locations.

• Public gathering areas – Finally, your advertising material can also be efficiently deployed when you place them in public gathering areas. For example, you can place them at community centers, sport stadiums, park billboards, theaters etc. Since lots of people tend to be in these locations especially on the weekends, you can get a good deal of promotions done when you deploy posters in them. If you are lucky, posting in these locations might be free, but sometimes you might actually have to pay for it. The opportunity though to advertise is well worth it, so try to post in these public gathering areas if you can.

So what are you waiting for? Try posting in those locations right now! It is sure to give you success in your poster printing.

By: Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in full color posters or print posters industry.



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