Designer Handbag versus Replicas

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Do you really believe that celebrities are brand fanatic and they own designer bags? If you think so then you might be mistaken. The basic reason behind this is that they love to wear branded clothes and carry designer accessories. As they crave for designers, so they really don’t mind owning replicas or fake ones.

According to a survey, most of the go for luxury brands, and still don’t bother if they have to buy knock offs. In a survey it is found that most of the girls and women are actually prone to buying fakes from wholesale stores. With the number of online retailers, purchasing faux bags at highly discounted prices has become much more easy and convenient.

Fashion is the only area where most of the females think on the same grounds. And it is this particular group that cannot afford high price >designer handbag. However, the brand name is a status symbol in itself and knock offs are not a bad option when it comes to owning a bag. This is the chief reason as to why most of the people love faux bags and it is another good reason for the growth of this industry.

The most important reason is that most of the women hardly bother if others are carrying fakes. This means that if a woman does not find it odd if the other women figures out. For them it is not a shame or embarrassing situation. It is just fine for them till the time nobody actually says something. Such an overwhelming response of the replicas has led to the increasing popularity of the faux bags. Thus, the demand of replicas is growing over designer handbag as they are available at highly affordable prices.

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