How to Stop Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

(Best Syndication News) Panic attacks can come on suddenly and peak usually within ten minutes – but can last even longer. The Mayo Clinic reports that these attacks could be triggered by something that is not dangerous but can be frightening and cause the sufferer to think they are losing control or even having a heart attack.

Most people may suffer two panic attacks in their lifetime, but frequent attacks can affect the quality of life. Small stressful situations could cause recurrent and unexpected attacks.

The panic attacks can release a sudden wave of adrenalin. This can increase heart rate.

Here are some common suggestions:

1) Diet might be a solution to avoid panic attacks. Cut down on foods containing caffeine, sugar, and fat.

2) Get more sleep.

3) Learn to relax your muscles by tensing them up in one area at a time (leg, face, arm etc). Tense them for several seconds and then relax them.

4) Change your setting. Take your mind off of the tensing situation by watching an interesting show on television.

5) Cube breathing could work. The sufferer should breathe in for eight seconds, hold their breath for eight seconds, and then exhale slowly for eight seconds. This can be done several times with four-second intervals in between.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Patients should ask their physician. The doctor could prescribe medication or recommend cognitive behavioral therapy.

Some people have claimed the One Move Technique described in the Barry McDonagh “Panic Away” book works (some called him Joe Barry). One Amazon review recommended users “be careful with this one.”

Always check with your physician if the condition persists.



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