Mistress talks about her love affair with Tiger Woods on NBC's Today Show

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[Best Syndication News] Jamie Jungers went on NBC's Today show to expel rumors and acknowledge her love affair with the famoud golfer, Tiger Woods. Jungers is one of several women that have stepped forward saying that they have had an affair with Woods. There currently are thirteen women that are believed to have had an affair with Woods.

Jungers, 26, said that the accusations that she was a professional escort is not true. The madam that claimed Jungers worked for her as an escort for her, but Jungers during the interview denied that she every worked as an escort, and that she doesn't even know the person saying this stuff. She really didn't express remorse for cheating with a married man.

Jungers love affair began in 2005 and continued over an 31 month period of time. She thought originally that it was going to be a one night fling, but it developed into more of a relationship she said.

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At one point she asked Woods for help financially, but he said no that he couldn't do that. She said she never received money from her relationship with Woods. She didn't get paid to appear on the NBC Today show. She wanted to clear up some of the misinformation that was going around.

Jungers is making her rounds on TV, and is appearing on Dateline NBC special that will be airing this Friday.

The Sun, a UK publication reported that rumors were swirling the Woods might have fathered a lovechild with one of the mistresses. Woods was reported by several outlets that some of the mistresses claimed that he did not use protection. In the same report they said that Woods' wife, Elin had given him an ultimatum that she would stay with him if he gives up golf.

Woods' mother was seen traveling in the airport heading to Atlanta, Georgia.

By: John Stanton



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