Insulin Sensitivity and Aerobic Exercise – Low Carb meal after Workout still benefited

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[Best Syndication News] An interesting study on how aerobic exercise and eating foods afterward have impacts on insulin sensitivity. The study "Energy deficit after exercise augments lipid mobilization but does not contribute to the exercise-induced increase in insulin sensitivity," conducted at the University of Michigan received funding from the National Institutes of Health and was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

The researchers wanted to measure the benefits of individual workout sessions and the benefits on the metabolism following it with different meals eaten afterward. They found that insulin sensitivity was enhanced after a workout and was still effective when eating small low-carb meal following the workout.

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The researchers point out that exercise benefits last hours and some for a few days. Insulin resistance is one of the big problems with type 2 diabetics. They insulin becomes ineffective at delivering the glucose energy to the muscles.

"Many of the improvements in metabolic health associated with exercise stem largely from the most recent session of exercise, rather than from an increase in 'fitness' per se," Dr. Jeffrey F. Horowitz of the University of Michigan said. "But exercise doesn't occur in a vacuum, and it is very important to look at both the effects of exercise and what you're eating after exercise."

The researchers tested different meals after the participants did an aerobic exercise. All of the participants showed improvements in insulin sensitivity with their assigned exercise/meal. Out of the three exercise trials, those who ate less carbohydrates after exercise showed the most enhanced insulin sensitivity.

By: N Wilson

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