What is the Apple iPad Missing?

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(Best Syndication News) Some people call the Apple iPad a glorified iPhone without the phone connectivity, unless you use Skype or some other VOIP service. But remember, this is the first iPad offered by Apple and there will likely be improvements over the coming years.

The goal is to get people to pay for content that they are currently receiving for free. Under Jobs, Apple has been great at figuring out ways to get people to pay for content or service. The iPod was a mechanism to generate revenue through music sales. The iPhone was a way to generate revenue through cell phone contracts. Now the goal is to subscribe people to magazines and sell books.

Books and CDs

Hi Def:

You can watch movies on the iPad, but the screen is not a wide-screen aspect ratio. It isn’t a 16:6 ratio, but it is still better than a 4:3 aspect ratio. The iPad will play high definition, but only after converting it to a lower format. The screen should support hi-def (HD). Perhaps this is something Apple can improve on in their next iteration of the iPad.


Although the iPad does include an assisted GPS using Wi-Fi and the 3G network, the company didn’t build in true GPS capabilities. The iPad is meant for the home and not the best solution for travel.


Did the company intentionally leave off USB ports? The iPhone does have a single Dock Connection. Again, this is a device for home and the message was driven-home when Jobs sat down on the lounge chair when demonstration the iPad.


The iPad would have been one of the biggest cameras, but that functionality was left out. It would have made a great iChat or Skype platform. Jobs made a point that this is “way better than a netbook”, but forgot to mention it didn’t have a webcam.

There are a few other things missing that can be fixed. The company has not added multi-tasking, a flash driver / plug-in, and multitasking capabilities.

By: Mark Williams
Science Writer



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