Vancouver Olympics 2010 – Medal Count by Country and Highlights

Vancouver Olympics 2010 – Medal Count by Country and Highlights

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[Best Syndication News] The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is if full swing as the United States is taking the lead in the number of medals they have won so far. In Second place is Germany with France following. There have been some athletes and the sport of curling that have captured spectators of the Olympics sports.

Shaun White is a snowboarding champion that has come to the 2010 Winter Olympics ready to win, and he did. He took home a Gold Medal for the Men's Snowboarding Halfpipe. He won a gold for the same category at the 2006 Winter Olympics. A brief biography of Shaun White: He started into snowboarding on mountains in both Ludlow, Vermont and the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. He was born with a heart defect and had two open heart surgeries by the age of one to repair the problem.

Lindsey Jacobellis who has won several gold medals at previous year's Olympic games lost her chance to go for the Gold medal because she lost her balance after a jump and then proceeded to barrel through a gate which made her disqualified. Canada's Maëlle Ricker took the Gold Medal for the Snowboard Cross.

Lindsey Vonn took the Gold Medal for the Alpine Skiing Women's Downhill. Vonn had bruised her shin just before the competition kicked off during practice runs on February 10th. Vonn is scheduled to compete in five events categories. So everyone is watching her to see if she can keep up despite the injury.

Johnny Weir is an American figure skater hoping for the Gold. Weir is ranking sixth place after the short program with a score of 82.10. In a way he is the underdog in the competition and he still could win if all goes well for his skating that is scheduled for this Thursday. But there is controversy with this skater, he wore fur and according to a report by he has been receiving "very serious threats" from anti-fur people. Weir's hotel roommate is female skater, Tanith Belbin which guys across America have been calling hot.

Why is the sport of curling a hot topic you may ask? That is a really good question. One reason there has been a lot of talk about curling is the Norwegian team has been wearing plaid diamond golf pants that represent their countries colors. It has got people wondering why they did this, which prompted the NBC Today show to investigate and have the anchors of the show try on a pair of these gawdy golf pants for the show. The athletes said that they were comfortable and warm, and they had the colors that represented their country. They also said that they hope that younger people will possible become more interested in the sport of curling. Curling is a strange sport where you throw a flattened out bowling ball to slide on the ice, then they need to use brooms to let it slide more if needed to reach the desired destination.

The big thing for the memorabilia collectors of the Olympic has been the red mittens with the Olympic Rings on one side and a Canadian maple leaf on the other side. People have been lining up in long lines just to purchase these $10 mittens. And when they sell out they are done. But you can also purchase giant stuffed animals of the Winter Olympic Mascots. They range in price depending on the size you purchase.

Here is a List of the Olympic Medal Count by Country so far:

Country Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total Medals
United States 5 3 6 14
Germany 3 4 3 10
France 2 1 4 7
Canada 2 3 1 6
Norway 2 2 2 6
South Korea 3 2 0 5
Austria 1 2 2 5
Switzerland 3 0 1 4
China 2 1 1 4
Italy 0 1 3 4
Russia 1 1 1 3
Sweden 2 0 0 2
Slovakia 1 1 0 2
Czech Republic 1 0 1 2
Poland 0 2 0 2
Japan 0 1 1 2
Netherlands 1 0 0 1
Latvia 0 1 0 1
Kazakhstan 0 1 0 1
Finland 0 1 0 1
Estonia 0 1 0 1
Australia 0 1 0 1
Slovenia 0 0 1 1
Croatia 0 0 1 1
Belarus 0 0 1 1

You can get an updated list of the medals by country by visiting:

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