Health Care Summit Not Likely To Unify Democrats and Republicans

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(Best Syndication News) Today President Barack Obama is holding a health care summit with both Democrats and Republicans present. The goal is to reconcile the bills in the House of Representatives and Senate to facilitate final passage.

Democrats are debating whether there should be a tax on premium health care plans while Republicans are against both bills but would like to see a removal of barriers between states that prevent consumers from buying plans in other states. Republicans would also like to see tort reform that would limit the damages caused by reckless doctors.

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Previous to the summit, Illinois Democratic Senator Roland Burris said “Our health care bill must restore competition to the health care market, must give us the tools to hold health insurance companies accountable, and it must provide real cost savings to the American people.”

Republicans say their plan can save Americans money, but there is little help for people with pre-existing conditions. There plan includes "high risk pools" but Democrats say this would force people with pre-existing conditions into extremely expensive plans.

Our analysts say that it will be very difficult to reconcile a plan with Republican support. Republicans don’t like any part of either bill. “We ask that President Obama and Congressional Democrats join with Republican leaders to start over on health insurance reform,” the GOP said in a statement.

The Republican plan would:

1) Enact liability reform to put an end to frivolous lawsuits

2) Allow individuals and small businesses to pool together to purchase coverage

3) Utilize Health Care Savings Accounts

4) Put people with pre-existing conditions into “high-risk” pools and reinsurance programs.

5) Allow consumers to buy health insurance from other states

There may be very little to reconcile between the two parties. Health care savings accounts (HSA) already exist and people and business group plans are already available. All Republicans have to do is convince Democrats to scrap the current pending legislation and enact tort reform and create high risk pools. This is very unlikely according to analysts we spoke to.

You can view the summit on CSPAN.

By: Tom Madison



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