Nintendo Dsi XL Game System – Bigger and Better Features on the new Portable Handheld

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[Best Syndication News] Gamers are probably counting down to the release date of March 28th for the new Nintendo Dsi XL hand-held game system. The new portable gaming console will retail fro $189.99 and will have a 93 percent larger screen than the Nintendo DS Lite model. The new screens will measure 4.2-inch versus the previous generations models measuring in at 3 and 3.25 inches.

Not only will the screen be larger but others will be able to see the screen better as well because of an improved wider viewing angle.

There are games pre-loaded on the Nintendo Dsi XL game unit. There will be the popular Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock. In addition there will be installed a Nintendo Dsi Browser and Flipnote Studio™.

Bigger is better with the Nintendo Dsi XL game unit, so they have made a larger pen stylus for easier holding onto when using a touch screen program or game.

It comes with two cameras built in the unit, on facing you and one facing away so you can take pictures both ways. Then you can manipulate the photo afterward if you would like. It has a built in microphone so you can record audio. Which you can also manipulate.

If you have wireless broadband Internet you can browse the Internet on your Dsi XL unit. You can download games from Nintendo's online game store.

There are rumors saying that the company will release a cartridge of 100 books of classics that would in essence make the portable game console into an ebook reader. If this comes to fruition, it wouldn't be until June according to the gossip going on the Internet.

Check out the Youtube video of the features of the Nintendo Dsi Xl game system.

By: N Wilson

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Nintendo DSi XL - *NEW* Exclusive Specs Overview Trailer – PlayJamUK YouTube Video



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