What to do if you can't get or afford Health Insurance?

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[Best Syndication News] With the threat of individual health insurance plans in California potentially being kicked out of the state for possible non-compliance with the state laws, some people with individual health insurance policies are probably holding their breath in hopes to have reasonably priced health insurance that will still cover them. The question looms in many people's minds how do you get health insurance if you can't afford it or if you have a pre-existing condition. Here are some different ideas to get health insurance or medical care when you have a pre-existing condition.

A divorced lady was sharing her plan to get health insurance coverage on the day-time syndicated television show 'The Doctors.' She has posted her plea for a man to marry that has a good health insurance plan. So far she has received 7,000 marriage proposals. The doctors asked her if she would seriously marry someone just for good health insurance. She said yeah, but at the same time she hasn't agreed to marry anyone yet. She pointed out on the show that if she went to prison she could get the necessary health care and medication. She spends 90 percent of her income paying for her medications and medical care. She is a working person that can't get health insurance, but if she marries she could get covered.

Move to Canada. Well, it probably would be hard to pull off, but if you are still healthy and don't have a pre-existing condition and have skills to bring to the country you could move there and be covered after living there a while. But if you have a pre-existing health condition you might have to marry someone from the country to be able to live there and get access to the medical care.

Save up your money and travel to far away countries like India to get your medical care. This doesn't always work for everyone as sometimes you need to have your care right away. But if you have something that can be planned in advance you could save a bundle getting the treatment or surgery in the other country. They call it medical tourism because you travel to get medical treatment.

Start your own group health insurance plan. Another option is to start your own company and depending on the state you live in you may need 1 or you may need 2 employees to include in your group medical plan. This doesn't mean that you won't get hit with high insurance premiums. If you have people that have conditions in your group the rates could go up. So you need to do your homework and shop around to consider your options.

Get help through the state government. States are going broke, and unfortunately the cutbacks in spending are going towards providing for medical assistance for the poor or those with uninsured health conditions. Let's say that you have diabetes and you can't get health insurance on your own, you can go through the state's help to gain some insurance, that is if it is available. Be prepared for a waiting list.

File for medical bankruptcy and start over again. Make sure that you seek help from proper legal assistance of a lawyer that specializes in medical bankruptcies.

Beg with the doctors and hospitals for a break on your medical expenses. If you are uninsured and unable to pay the astronomical bill that they mail, chances are they will be able to lower it if you can show that it poses a hardship for you and your family.

Get hired with a company that has a health insurance policy and hope that they keep you working with them after they find out how much more they will have to pay for health insurance. The bigger the company the better your chances of staying because they have a larger pool of employees to insure and their rates hikes won't be as shocking as it would be to a small company. But you never know for sure there are plenty of stories of people being pushed out of their work because of their medical condition.

Last but not least, we can hope and ask our government leaders to make sense out of a failing health care industry. To cater to the health of individuals instead of the profits of the health insurance companies. To ensure that doctors treat patients with necessary treatments and not short change the individual because they can't afford it. Possibly after the health care industry self implodes upon itself because not one person can afford it, except for the super rich, then maybe there will be some changes for a sensible health care industry that doesn't require you to make a fortune to afford it.



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