Texting while Driving – NHTSA bill aims to ban Text Messaging on the Road in all 50 states

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[Best Syndication News] While teens already have high enough car insurance premiums, one thing they can do is to not get in an accident and see the rates increase after this occurs. One bad habit that many teens, and adults have acquired is the habit of texting while driving. This combination of activities has been involved in many dangerous and life-threatening accidents.

A new bill is being introduced that was prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that will help make it easier to law enforcement officers to stop a vehicle and issue a citation for a driver that is caught texting while driving.

Texting while driving can cause a teen driver to easily become distracted by taking the eyes off the road, and also by taking the hands off the steering wheel. In addition it takes away the concentration of the driving at hand and focuses it on reading or writing a text message.

The NHTSA reports that 6,000 people died in 2008 from car crashes because the driver was distracted or not paying attention to driving. There was over a half a million injuries that year because of distracted drivers. Most of the time the drivers were men and women under the age of 20 and are the least-experienced at driving. This also happens to be the age group that tends to do the most text messaging.

The sample state law that the NHTSA submitted is patterned after President Obama's Executive Order issued on October 1st, 2009 that banned federal employees from texting while driving government-owned vehicles or government owned equipment.

There currently are 19 states and Washington D.C. that have a ban on texting with driving.

There are cellphone apps that can block texting while driving using the built motion sensor technology in the mobile device. The mobile phone app would block the texting messages from being accessible until the car is stopped or driving at less than 10 miles per hour. Textecution , DriveSafe.ly, and TXTBlocker are just three apps that will block text messages while driving in a car.

By: N Wilson

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