Woolly Mammoths abundant in Siberia as Scientists discover Bacterium for Anti-Aging and Mammoth Lyuba on Display in US

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[Best Syndication News] Woolly mammoths have become an interesting specimen for scientist lately as more have been uncovered in Siberia, Russia. There is some interesting research claiming that the Woolly Mammoths had bacterium found near it that could make mice fight the aging process via an anti-aging vaccine of the bacteria. There is some researchers that want to use DNA cloning technology to resurrect these longtime extinct animals dating back to the Ice Age. Others are taking the ancient remains and carving them into artwork for sale.

Another name for the Woolly Mammoth is the tundra mammoth, with remains found in northern North America and northern Eurasia. The the best preserved mammoth remains are being found in Siberia. Fully grown male woolly mammoths would be 9.2 ft tall while dwarf species of mammoths would stand up to 7.5 feet tall.

An article from the LA Times newspaper tells of bone hunters that search out the woolly mammoth bones to create things like carved picture frames, chess sets, or pendants. The reason for the new abundance of the mammoth tusks being found is that the permafrost is disappearing. According to the report, 50 tons of Mammoth bones are found every year in Russia and the bones can get anywhere from $220 - $700 per kilogram depending on market supply and demand. Currently the price is hovering around the $220 price tag.

There has been several finds of woolly mammoths that have been frozen in such good condition that the tissue was still in tact. In May of 2007 there was a discovery of a baby woolly mammoth which they called Lyuba which has been discussed the idea of cloning the animal from the DNA. However, Alexei Tikhonov, the Russian Academy of Science's Zoological Institute's deputy director said that cloning wouldn't work because the whole cell would be needed and that the freezing process would have caused cells to burst. But they will research the DNA to investigate the mammoths's phylogeny and physiology.

Lyuba will be on display at the Chicago Field Museum's exhibit called Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age. The exhibit opens on March 5th and runs through September 6th., so you can check out the perfectly preserved baby mammoth up close. The baby mammoth lived some 42,000 years ago. The reason that the baby mammoth was so well preserved was she sank rapidly into muck which froze and became part of the Siberian permafrost.

But wait the cloning of the woolly mammoth is still in the works, there is genetic research going by Japanese scientists that may help retrieve the frozen mammoth sperm cells, and then find usable mammoth DNA to implant into a unfertilized Asian elephant eggs. It turns out the DNA sequences of the woolly mammoth and that of the African elephant match up 98.55%. So maybe the woolly mammoth will roam the Earth again.

The most fascinating discovery was of a bacteria that scientists discovered when looking at mammoth remains. The scientist found a bacterium that they don't think is directly related to the mammoth itself. They are coining it the pre-historic Viagra because the Russian scientists claim that when they vaccinated mice with the bacteria they were reproducing at a much older ages then they would have otherwise done so and they seemed more young over all. Mice that would be the age equivalent of 70 years old was able to have babies claim the scientists. They think that they may have a real anti-aging vaccination of sorts, well possibly.

By: N Wilson

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