Sleep Apnea Discussed on Dr Oz TV Show Today

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(Best Syndication News) Sleep apnea is a huge problem for many Americans. Besides daytime sleepiness, there is an increased risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Recent research suggests that treating sleep apnea may prevent heart failure and other problems.

There are two basic types of sleep apnea. Snoring is the common warning sign for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The snore occurs because the throat and tongue relax during sleep causing the airway to constrict and vibrate. The second type, which is less common, is called Central Sleep Apnea (CSA). This occurs because the body forgets to breathe while asleep.

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There are studies linking OSA with weight and other studies linking CSA with age. Of course there are exceptions, but both can be treated with a CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure for OSA) and a BiPAP (for CSA) machines. Unlike the CPAP, the BiPAP will breathe both in and out.

There are also people with a mixed form of sleep apnea and others with more complex conditions. The only way to find out if you have sleep apnea is to participate in a sleep study. These studies are usually conducted in special rooms at a doctor’s office. You need a study and prescription before you can purchase a CPAP or BiPAP machine legally.

Dr. Mehmet C Oz talked to a husband and wife who both had obstructive sleep apnea. The husband had episodes when he woke-up and could not breathe because his airways were so constricted. Most of the time people don’t realize they have sleep apnea unless a family member tells them they were snoring.

While the CPAP attaches over the nose to keep constant positive air pressure, there are other oral appliances that help keep the airway open. Other treatments include a special pillow, drugs (CSA) and surgery.

People diagnosed with sleep apnea may also want to check their nighttime oxygen levels. Blood levels of carbon dioxide may increase causing several other problems. Adapters can also be used to provide oxygen to CPAP machines. Many insurance policies and Medicare cover both the diagnosis and treatments of the disease / disorder.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health News Writer

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