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President Obama in Ohio

(Best Syndication News) We can expect a vote on the health care bill later this week, President Barack Obama said Monday. At a rally in Ohio the President said every argument has been made and it is time to act.

“They’re waiting for us to act,” the President said. “They’re waiting for us to lead. They don’t want us to put our finger up to the wind.” The House is expected to vote on a reconciled bill later this week.

Although some consumer protection rules will take place immediately, the bulk of the coverage for 25 million people will take place in four years. Most of those people will get tax credits to assist them in purchasing coverage.

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The bill’s proponents say that people in poor health will be covered by high-risk insurance pools. The coverage will not be free but expect the premiums to be lower.

Insurance companies will be prevented from capping lifetime coverage. They will no longer be able to cancel policies except in the case of fraud. Parents can cover their children through the age of 26.

The self employed and people who do not receive coverage through their employer will be able to shop for insurance at a health insurance exchange beginning in 2014. Proponents expect that six out of ten people will be eligible for government help. Tax credits will be based on income.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health Writer



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