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[Best Syndication News] Procter & Gamble Inc., the manufacturer of the Bounty brand paper towels has released a YouTube music video called “Bring It.” It is a funny but interesting new way the companies are reaching the consumers. The days of 30 second ad spots on television are just so yesterday. Viral video marketing is the new way to market products.

The goal for the Bounty paper towels is to entertain but at the same time educate the consumers on their product. The used geeky scientist guys to portray hip hop rapper dudes in a song where they show how cool and strong their paper towels are because they have interlocking fibers. They demonstrate that the pool balls be held up by a Bounty paper towel, even when adding water. I can see kid's across the US using this as their science fair project. At the end they have fun by rolling one of them up in the paper towels. The Bounty Paper Towel youtube video is a good example of promoting their product in a fun way that educates. Watch the video below.

The other angle that products are being marketed on the internet, is through product placements in real music videos. This could be a dangerous way to promote a product though as some artists may be too edgy and could cause a backlash by the protesting consumers. This is not a new thing, movies, and even TV shows will have product placement spots. But many kids are watching music videos on Youtube.

Sometimes companies are turning advertising marketing into a contest. Doritos has been doing this for a couple of years now and have attracted amateur and aspiring film directors to come up with some creative advertising that premieres during the Superbowl.

Viral video marketing can be a relatively inexpensive way for advertising a product on the internet. Wal-Mart has had a Clown ad that became viral online a couple of months ago. If it works and millions see the advertisement, then you probably had a pretty inexpensive advertising campaign.

One thing to be careful of is to make sure that you are marketing your product while entertaining in a wholesome way. If it is too far off the deep end, you might actually hurt your brand. I guess that is why there are focus groups.

By: N Wilson

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The Paper Towel Gang feat. Bounty's Pool Balls Test YouTube Video



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