Kucinich Flip Flops On The Health Care Vote

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(Best Syndication News) Dennis Kucinich, a longtime supporter of a single-payer health care system, has caved-in to the current health care bill supporters.

Earlier this week President Obama traveled to Ohio to make his pitch, and it worked. “After careful discussions with the President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Elizabeth my wife and close friends, I have decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation,” Kucinich said in an announcement today.

Previously Kucinich said he would not support any bill that did not include a public option.

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Even Michael Moore says he supports the health insurance reform bill. In his movie “Sicko” he made the case against private health insurance. That movie was not about the uninsured, but it was about those people with insurance and the problems they face with their insurance companies.

“This bill is so good for them (the insurance companies),” Moore told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today. “First of all it mandates that all of us buy a policy from them if our bosses don’t give us one.”

“It’s horrible,” he said in reference to the bill. Moore complained about the small fines to insurance companies who deny claims.

“You are here in Washington… and you still want people to vote for it”, Blitzer asked. Moore replied “Yah” twice to the question.

Kucinich said he would vote for the bill to save the President’s approval rating. He said we have to be very careful that “President Obama’s presidency not be destroyed by this debate. . . . Even though I have many differences with him on policy, there’s something much bigger at stake here for America.”

By: Tom Madison

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