President Obama signs Health Care Bill into Law – 13 States files Lawsuits opposing it and Rush Limbaugh going to Costa Rica

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[Best Syndication News] President Obama gathered a crowd along with the media to capture the historic signing of the Health Care Reform into law. During the event, Obama mentioned his mother who fought cancer and the health insurance companies at the same time. Obama also had a young boy at the press conference signing that had lost his mother back in 2007 because she couldn't get the treatments needed because she couldn't get health insurance.

At the same time the Republican GOP party is acting on the other side of the spectrum with a staunch opposition to the passage of the health care reform. They are saying that it is a violation of rights to force an individual to pay for something that they are not participating in as a consumer. The dangerous part of this argument is that if they are proven to be in the correct, this could change the way hospitals treats a person in an emergency. They could turn away a person if they do not have insurance, because that person opted out of the consumption of medical services.

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There have been 13 state attorney generals that are filing lawsuits against the health care reform law which was led by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum. Others Attorney Generals joining the lawsuit are from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington and Colorado. There may be more Republican GOP Attorney Generals that may join in on the lawsuit or file on their own. The only Attorney General in this opposition lawsuit that is not a Republican and is a Democrat is from Louisiana.

Radio Political Talk Show host, Rush Limbaugh was so opposed to the health care reform bill that he told listeners at the beginning of March that, "If this passes and it's five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented -- I am leaving the country. I'll go to Costa Rica."

In Costa Rica they have government run socialized medicine and also have an excellent report card for health care. Days later Limbaugh clarified why he would go to Costa Rica, saying that they have medical tourism with private clinics. Why, because it cost so much less to get medical care in Costa Rica, even with current medical prices you could pay one-third the price for the same procedure.

This has spurred a website called which is accepting $1 donations via Paypal to buy him a one way ticket airfare to Costa Rica. They are planning to donate the unused amount and if refused amount to Planned Parenthood.



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