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[Best Syndication News] On the Doctor Oz TV show he did an Ultimate Countdown List for staying healthy and beautiful this year. He started off with discussing cancer risk factors. Then he talked about super foods that offer nutritional benefits. Then he went on to discuss how to prevent aging, or look younger. He talked about two different alternative medicine treatments that might help and he ended with recommending that everyone eat more omega-3 fatty acids to stay healthy. Here is a break down of the ultimate health lists on Dr. Oz.

6 Biggest Risks for Cancer. This segment of the show also discussed what you could do to change your cancer risk. One in every 3 women develop cancer in their lifetime they warned the viewers.

1. Screening for cancer at the right age. Get the correct screenings to be preventative before cancer can spread.

2. Family members that have had Cancer – First degree relatives and a family history will increase your chance of getting cancer. Age and family history, if women develop breast cancer or ovarian cancer are a concern when they are 50 or younger when they get the diagnosis.

3. What is your Weight and your Height – Calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). If you are considered in the obesity number based on the BMI, which is above 30. They believe that many cancers deaths are related to being overweight. Dr. Oz said that watching 3 hours of TV per day increases your chances of being overweight.

4. What are you Eating - High fat low fiber diet can lead to cancer. High fiber diet can reduce colon cancer risk by up to 40 percent.

5. Sun Exposure – Do you were sun screen, or do you get burned in the sun once in a while. Too much sun and too little sun can be unhealthy. Sun creates vitamin D can help prevent cancer. They think that people that work the night shift could predispose women to develop breast cancer.

6. Lifestyle – promiscuity transmission of viruses such as HPV which can cause cancer. Smoking is a habit that is known to cause cancer.

Top 5 Superfoods on Dr. Oz. These foods might make you live longer.

1. Barramundi – This is fish that eat plankton. High in omega-3 fatty acid. Not a build up in mercury because they do not eat other fish.

2. Greek Greens – Fennel and mustard greens which are rich in Vitamin K.

3. Mangosteen – vitamin A and C rich food. Rich in antioxidants.

4. Turmeric Tea – Tumeric shows it fights cancer, is anti-inflammatory, and is used to prevent a hangover before going out drinking.

5. Imo – Women in Japan eat this every single day.

Top 4 Fatigue Fighters – Ways to kept awake during the day.

4. Set the snooze button or just getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. The best thing is to just get out of bed to not feel fatigued.

3. Aromatherapy – Lemon fragrance will keep you awake. There are oils that can be rubbed on the body.

2. Multi-vitamin to fight fatigue. Taking a multi-vitamin just before a big meal will help fight off fatigue.

1. D-Ribose is an energy booster. It doesn't have very many calories and can be mixed in with a juice or drink.

3 Ways to look Younger as we Age

1.Sleep on your back to keep your face from being pressed on the pillow.

2.Use Mega- Moisturizers that contain glycerin

3.Wear sunscreen

2 Different Alternative Health Secrets Revealed

1.Inversion Table - Turn yourself upside down on this piece of exercise equipment. Stretches out and deliver extra blood going to the head that might boost serotonin or mood boosting. If you don't have the table, Dr. Oz showed laying upside down on a sofa chair as the poor man's approach.

2.Himalayan Salts – Put it in a special container and you breath it in. The salt draws out moisture in the back of the throat. It has potassium in it and might help lower blood pressure.

The number one Thing that Dr. Oz Recommends is Get your Omega-3 Fatty Acids either through a supplement or eating fish or flax seeds.



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