Earthquakes Today In Spain and Mexico

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(Best Syndication News) There were earthquakes in Spain and Mexico today. Occasionally the Iberian Peninsula is struck by a deep quake and this 6.3 magnitude event occurred at a depth of 383 miles down.

Spanish Earthquake

The epicenter was about 15 miles southeast of Granada. Scientists have been monitoring earthquakes near Granada since a 7.1 deep earthquake struck on March 24, 1954 (see map).

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The Azores-Gibraltar Transform Fault is about 100 miles to the south of the epicenter and is the tectonic boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. This rift zone is located through the Strait of Gibraltar and is poorly understood.

“Southwest of the April 11, 2010 M6.3 earthquake in the area of the Alboran Sea, convergences of the African and Eurasian plates does produce a well-defined zone of small magnitude (M < 4) to depth of 200 km,” the USGS said in a statement. “Other than the localized zone of seismicity near 600 km depth, there are no known earthquakes between 200 km and 600 km depth.”

Mexican Earthquake

There have been a series of aftershocks since the 7.2 earthquake struck Southern California and Baja California. A 4.2 aftershock rattled nerves today at around noon Sunday.

By: Dan Wilson



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