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(Best Syndication News) Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman held a conference call on Wednesday where she discussed he aspirations and plans for California if she is elected. She discussed illegal immigration, gay marriage, abortion and other hot-button topics.

Illegal Immigration

It would be a mistake to put the National Guard on the border if Arizona and other boarder states didn’t do the same thing. She favors completing the second border fence, an e-verify system, and taking away the business licenses of those employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

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“Get rid of sanctuary cities” she explained. One city she mentioned was San Francisco. Cities should not offer a sanctuary to people here illegally.

Barbara Boxer

One caller, James, asked her about Barbara Boxer. A recent commercial by her opponent, Steve Poizner, claimed she supported Boxer and former Presidential candidate Al Gore.

Whitman said she supported Boxer but not Al Gore. She supported Boxer because she was against the “Internet Tax”. The Internet Tax would have hurt eBay which she was running at the time. That was the only issue she agreed with Boxer on.

As per Al Gore, she said that Poizner contributed $21,000 to Al Gore, $10,000 of which was used to fight the decision in Florida which gave George W. Bush the Presidency.


Jeff in Corona asked Whitman how she was going to create jobs. Whitman gave a multipart answer:

1) Cut taxes to encourage employers

2) Streamline regulation

3) Compete with other states to keep jobs here

This answer required a little more detail. Whitman is proposing to cut the “factory tax” and eliminate the business start-up fee (LLC). She would like to eliminate the LLC fee which costs companies about $800 per year.

She also wanted to give a 20-percent tax credit for research and development (R&D). She wants to eliminate the capital gains tax and modernize workman’s compensation insurance (workers comp). Whitman says the state needs to change AB-32 which has cost local businesses.


Although she opposes an across-the-board tax cut, Whitman does think targeted tax cuts for business is the right approach. We can’t afford large tax-cut for at least 18-months because of the deficit.

Prop 8

Jane in Chino asked about Gay Marriage. Meg Whitman believes a marriage should be between a man and a woman. She supported Proposition 8 and is against gay marriage.

Work with the Democrats

Ronald in Montclair asked how she is going to get spending cuts through the Democrats in the state legislature.

Governor Whitman would use a “focused approach”, she answered.

1) Appointments – Governors make about 300 appointments when they take office. She would not appoint political cronies but private people that would do what she needs to have done.

2) Hiring Freeze – Whitman said that the governor can implement a hiring freeze. She would also reduce the workforce strategically.

3) Use Technology – She would use technology to go after Medicare and Medicaid cheaters which are costing the system billions.


Whitman does not favor late-term abortion. She also doesn’t favor taxpayer funded abortions past what is allowed in the Hyde Amendment. She said she was “pro-choice”.

By: Dan Wilson



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