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[Best Syndication News] The recent eruption of Iceland volcano, named Eyjafjallajökull, has caused all Flights to be Grounded because of the ash in the atmosphere. UK, Ireland, Scandinavia flights are being canceled because of the recent Iceland volcano eruption. Heathrow International Airport has all flights being grounded until the air clears up. The ash could damage the airplanes engine which could cause them to fail while in flight.

Eyjafjallajökull had a seismic swarm detected underground in the central part of the volcano. This was west of the previous eruption fissures that began on March 31st. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted early in the morning on April 14th. There has been ice that has melted from the heat which is flowing to the north and to the south of the mountain. Flooding has become increasingly worse as the day progressed causing road closures and some building damage.

There was an evacuation notice given to approximately 700 people in the surrounding area.

The Iceland Meteorological Office said that the eruption on the 14th is much more forceful that the earlier ones that began in March. The plume of ash was estimated at 8 kilometers in the air for yesterdays eruption of the Iceland volcano. They have not seen the lava yet, but have noticed considerable water flowing in the mountain from the melting glacier ice.

By: N Wilson
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ITN Footage released of erupting Icelandic volcano YouTube Video



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