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[Best Syndication News] According to data collected by the US Census, they found out common reasons why people moved. Here are a few of the reasons people said they move from their home and move into another new home.

According to the National Association of Realtor website, There was 13.5 percent that said the reason they moved were for other family reasons. 10.8 percent said that they moved because they wanted to have their own household. New job or a new job transfer was given as the reason for relocation to a new residence for 8.6 percent surveyed. There was 6.5 percent that moved to be closer to their workplace. There was 5.8 percent that moved because they had a change in marital status and another 5.8 percent said that they wanted to own a home and not rent anymore. There was 3.8 percent that said the reason for moving was for other job related reasons. There was 2.4 percent said they moved to either look for work or because they lost their jobs. There was one-half a percent that said they moved because they retired.

There is a wide variety of reasons that people move. If a person owns real estate they will very likely put their property up for sale. To sell the home fast, some people will hire a staging company that will help decorate and clean up the home to make it more appealing to the prospective home buyers.

Hiring the right real estate broker agent to sell your home can also help to sell your home if need to move and sell your home in a timely fashion. The real estate agent should be willing to host an open house and be realistic in the asking price for the home. If you ask to much for a home, your house will take longer to sell, if you ask to little you missed out on the extra money that could have been recouped from the sale of the home. A good real estate broker will be realistic on finding the right price for your home and work with the time line that the seller has to work with.

Summer months are a popular time of year for people to move. The reason is that children are in school during the other months and families want to move in between the school year. This doesn't mean that all home buyers are going to shop in the summer, but there is usually more people looking to buy during the summer.



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