Ray Stevens new Song about Illegal Immigration - 'Come to USA' Music Video goes Viral

Ray Stevens new Song about Illegal Immigration - 'Come to USA' Music Video goes Viral

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(Best Syndication News) - Ray Stevens is singing a new song about illegal immigration in the USA, which he has posted online in a Youtube music video. The viral music video was posted on May 13th, 2010 and has received 2,121,021 views at the time of this writing.

He jokes about how easy it is to come to the USA as an illegal immigrant. Stevens has become politically vocal this past year. This winter he released another political music video, 'We the People', which was questioning the health care reform legislation. Stevens now has made this new music video about the illegal immigration debate which has been heating up lately. There has been an uproar of protests from Hispanic residents of the state of Arizona after there was newly approved state legislation requiring documentation to be carried with them prove citizenship in their state, along with other strict measures for transporting and hiring illegal immigrants. The officials for the city of Los Angeles, California has been threatening to not do any business with the state of Arizona because of this new law.

He sings about all the government handouts to the illegals, such as welfare and education just to name a few of his points. At the end of the music video he said that he dedicates this song to all those people that were born in another country and came to the USA the right way.

Check out the Ray Stevens Illegal Immigration Music Video below:

By: Marlene Donor
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Ray Stevens Come to the USA music video on Youtube



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