Lady Gaga plays the Piano and sings along with Yoko Ono in John Lennon Tribute Concert

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(Best Syndication News) - Last week, Yoko Ono was joined with other musicians, celebrities, family and friends to remember John Lennon's would have been 70th birthday. The Los Angeles Yoko Ono and Friends at the Orpheum concerts celebrated Yoko Ono's and John Lennon's songs. Lady Gaga was one of the performers that joined up with Yoko Ono to perform in which she upstaged the event by her over the top onsies leotard outfit that failed to cover her rear end adequately.

Lady Gaga's outfit was covered by glittering sequins placed strategically over the majority of her body, however, the costume designer must have got tired or ran out of time because there was not one sequin to cover her butt. The see through fabric showed off Lady Gaga's full moon, which was fitting considering that she sang a song called 'The Sun is Down.' She must have interpreted that the song needed a full moon since the sun was down, so she aptly provided that. The audience got an eye full when she climbed up on the piano to sing with Yoko Ono who also was laying on the grand.

Needless to say that this isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has shocked people. Pushing the envelope of what is acceptable has been Lady Gaga's trademark of sorts. Recently Lady Gaga appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine wearing raw meat. She further continued to shock people by wearing the meat dress at the VMA awards.

Here are some ideas for Lady Gaga's next outfits. She could get a sponsorship from the makers of Froot Loops cereal and wear an outfit made out of the colorful breakfast cereal. It could make her a fortune! Plus her 'little monsters' (her fans) would totally want to eat more of the sugary goodness - just kidding.

By: N Wilson



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