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(Best Syndication News) Charlie Sheen, the highest paid television situation comedy star, has spoken to ABC News, NBC News and various radio shows over the weekend. Fans are watching every interview to see if his new comments will top his last ones.

His demeanor and comments were so unusual that Jimmy Kimmel jokingly asked the audience if this is how he acts when he isn’t high.

Sheen sat down with ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning and said he will sue CBS and Warner Bros for “tons”. CBS has halted production of "Two and a Half Men" but said they were still going to pay the workers for the rest of the season.

“I am on a drug, it is called Charlie Sheen”, the 45-year old star said.

Charlie was asked if he was clean now. Rolling his eyes upward he said “Look at me, Duh.” And then he looked the interviewer in the eye and said “Drug tests don’t lie.” Recent drug tests show he has not used drugs within the last 72 hours.

The actor smoked cigarettes and made many hand gestures throughout the interview. Waving his hands around his head he said: “At this point, because of the psychological distress – oh my God - it is 3 mil ($3 million) an episode. Take it or leave it.”

He was asked about his taste in drugs and alcohol. “I don’t know, I was banging seven gram rocks and finishing them, because that is how I roll. I have one speed. I have one gear – GO!”

When asked if he feared that his choices will lead to his death, he replied: “Dying is for fools… I probably took more (drugs) than anyone could survive.”

Andrea asked how he does survive after taking so many drugs. “Because I am me” he answered. “I have a different constitution, different brain, a different heart… I got tiger blood, man.”

He denied that he went back into rehab. When asked if he had any regrets about all the drugs he used he said: “I am proud of what I created. It was radical… I expose people to magic. I expose them to something they will otherwise never see in their boring normal lives.”

“I may forget about them tomorrow, but they will live with that memory for the rest of their lives… That is a gift.”

“What’s not to love?” he added. “Especially when you see how I party. It was epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards just look like droopy-eyed armless children.”

He said there were no drugs in his house and if he finds any he will throw them in the trash.

The CBS KNX news radio affiliate in Los Angeles reported that the producers of “Two and a Half Men” may be considering adding a new character to the show. E! Online reports that Les Moonves, co-president and co-chief operating officer of Viacom, Inc., talked to John Stamos about coming on-board the show.

He would not replace Charlie’s character, but the Glee actor would be added as a new character. Stamos has denied the rumors on his Twitter account. "Contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen," the Tweet read. "However, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son."

By: Julie Marcus

Photo: Charlie Sheen (left) and John Stamos (right). Both pictures were taken by Angela George and shared on wikimedia.



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