Distracted driving campaign warns about the dangers of texting and talking on a mobile phone

Distracted driving campaign educates on the dangers of texting and talking on a mobile phone

Distracted Driving website distraction.gov

(Best Syndication News) - The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has a campaign for educating about the dangers of distracted driving. This could include anything that takes your eyes off the road. However, talking and texting on a mobile phone while driving has become a big safety problem. According to the DOT, almost 5,500 people died in a car accident in 2009 because of a distracted driver.

The DOT has a website at http://www.distraction.gov/ that offers a wide range of educational material for community groups, schools, parents, employers, and law enforcement. The website also has videos featuring family that have lost a person due to a distracted driver. The latest one featured (see below) was Linda Doyle, a 61-year-old who was killed by a 20-year-old that was talking on mobile phone and drove through a red light without stopping. Doyle's daughter, Jennifer Smith, co-founded FocusDriven which is a national nonprofit organization that educates about the dangers of texting and talking on a cellphone while driving.

According to the DOT, distracted driving includes visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual distracted driving is when you take your eyes off of the road when you are driving. Manual distracted driving is when you take you hands off the wheel. Cognitive distracted driving is when you are taking your mind off of the driving task at hand. While mobile phones are a common distraction today, there are many other ways that people can become distracted. Eating food, listening to music, talking with passengers in the car, putting on makeup, children crying, and pets in the vehicle are just some other possible distractions.

While many states allow the use of a hands free headset when talking on a mobile phone, the DOT says that it still can cause distracted driving. So if you want to be the safest driver you can be, make sure to save your phone calls for when you are not driving.

In California, there is a ban for all handheld devices while driving a vehicle. If a person drives a bus they cannot use a mobile phone handheld or hands-free while driving. If you are under the age of 18 years you cannot use the mobile phone handheld or hands-free when driving. Texting while driving has been banned for all drivers. At http://www.distraction.gov/state-laws/index.html you can look up the restrictions for using mobile phones for each state.

BY: N Wilson

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