Is your job making you fat?

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(Best Syndication News) - Some jobs may help you to lose weight while other jobs may promote gaining pounds. A recent survey of 5,600 workers found 43 percent said they gained weight in their current jobs, while 18 percent said they lost weight at their current employer.

What were the reasons that could have contributed to the weight loss? Having a less stressful job, working at a job where you move more, not eating out, eating meals on time, and not having office parties could be potential reasons for the workers who lost weight. According to the survey, several reasons were given for the workers that did gain weight.

The survey found 24 percent gained weight because of a stressful work environment. Thirty-six percent said having a desk job and sitting most of the day is why they gained weight. Eating out regularly was another reason for weight gain for 16 percent of those surveyed. Skipping meals because they lacked time to eat on their job caused people to gain weight 13 percent of the time. Twelve percent said they gained weight because of those birthday and holiday parties at their workplace.

Another trend that employers are doing is offering their employees gym passes, workout facilities, and other wellness benefits. Twenty-eight percent of the companies offer some sort of program or benefits to help improve the health of their employees.

Strategies to lose weight might start by brown bagging it at lunch. According to the study, almost half of those surveyed said they eat lunch out at least one day per week. Many restaurant foods are high calorie meals. Picking your snacks carefully is another problem spot. Almost 65 percent said they snack at least once per day, and 25 percent said they snack twice a day. If you do snack, picking lower calorie foods would help avoid weight gain.


When your break time comes, take a walk. That way you can burn a few extra calories and you may feel refreshed. You might also avoid eating more than you should because you are taking yourself away from a potential snack time. In addition, when you are tired or bored you might want to overeat.

Counting your calories and eating less is the best known ways to lose weight. Setting up a meal plan in advance is a good idea. If you do eat out, know what you are going to order before you even go. That way you are more likely to stick to your calorie limit for the day. Drinking plenty of water can help. Sometimes you may think you are hungry, but are thirsty instead.

Participate in a weight loss program. You might want to see if your company offers one. If not, there are many weight loss programs available. Getting help from a registered dietitian is also another way to get help with losing weight.

BY: N Wilson




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