Dr Oz Explains Why We Get Cranky

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(Best Syndication News) Doctor Mehmet Oz explained why we get cranky on his show Wednesday. There were six basic reasons.


The first reason given for crankiness was hormones. Oz said women lose progesterone twice in their life. During menopause progesterone drops and women can get irritable.

“Progesterone is like Valium for the brain”, Oz said. When you take it away we get irritable.

Interestingly, there is a study that says that women get more irritable during HRT. “There is evidence that some women experience unpleasant mood symptoms (such as irritability, depressed mood and anxiety) while receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) while taking the progestin / progesterone component of the HRT,” the ClinicalTrials.gov website stated.

Oz recommended 600 mg omega three fatty acids per day.


We usually think people get cranky if they don’t get caffeine, but in some cases too much caffeine can make you anxious and addicted. Take a maximum of 200 mg of caffeine only.

Oz said to replace the caffeine with green tea.

Not Eating Enough

We can get vary cranky if we don’t eat “enough” food. Hypoglycemia, not having enough sugar in the blood, can cause irritability.

There is some research to back his claim. Allen I Arieff and Robert C Griggs wrote a paper / book describing permanent cognitive impairment from prolonged hypoglycemia.


Lack of sleep can cause crankiness. Oz recommended taking away the light sources when we sleep. Set a timer on the TV if you need it to fall asleep. When you increase light you decrease melatonin. We need that chemical. He said he got rid of the digital clock because of the light source.

Wrong Food

Transfats and saturated fats can make people crankier. Too much food containing these fats can overwhelm omega fats.


Thyroid conditions can cause problems. Lack of the thyroid hormone will make us tired and cranky.

The bottom line is that food can change the way we feel. Serotonin is like an antidepressant. Amaranth can provide that.

Nutritionist Kate Geagan said there are some vitamins we need.

Here are the foods:

Hemp Crusted Salmon

Radish Sprouts

Couscous with Mushrooms

Mushrooms exposed to UV light can provide vitamin D

Dried tart cherries

The Decadent Chocolate Fix includes three ingredients: Add 6 majule dates, ½ avocado, 4 tsp of cocoa and blend.

By: Nancy Connors
Entertainment Reporter



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