TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ TV show might be promoting unethical practices

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(Best Syndication News) - The TLC channel has a popular new TV show called ‘Extreme Couponing.’ While the show is exciting to watch, some veteran couponers are saying that some of the tactics used are not following the rules set forth by the coupons or the grocery stores. If you do not follow the terms of the coupon usage, you could be committing fraud.

Honest mistakes can happen when using coupons and this might have happened with some of the shoppers featured on the TV show. TLC’s website has a blog with the shoppers on the show being featured. Some people commented on the blog that they shop at the grocery store featured on the TV show and they have limits on the amount of coupons you can use, but these rules didn't seem to apply to the TV show's featured shopper.

While there are those that love the show, many long time coupon clippers are saying that this show is ruining it for couponers. Limits on the number of coupons a person can use on a like item are being lowered at some grocery stores, which some are attributing to the new TV show.

Does that mean that you will still be paying tons for your groceries? No, you still can find great deals and free deals. However, you may want to pay close attention to limits set forth by either the store or the manufacturer coupon.

Couponing rules to know and understand

Coupons are for the product listed on the coupons. You have to match the size and the product names accurately. Just because it says the brand name, does not mean that you can select any product with the name. You may have a list of products printed on the coupon that are included with the offer. So make sure to match it up correctly. If the size is listed specifically on the coupon, you cannot get the smaller sizes.

Watch for expiration dates. You should use the coupon before it expires. However, some grocery stores will accept coupons that have expired. Check with the grocery store to see if they will take expired coupons.

Limits to how many offers per person or household may apply. So do not think you can get hundreds of something if there are specific limits stated. Honor this limit. The grocery store and the manufacturers do have to stay in business. In addition, if you abuse this, the great offers may not come around again.

Make sure that you have read all that you need to do with the coupon offer. Some coupons make you purchase a combination of products in order to get the coupon. You may have to buy more than one item to use the coupon. Therefore, if you have to buy two to get use the coupon that is what the offer is and should be used that way.

Even with following the rules with, a coupon clipper can save substantially on their grocery bill. There are free items still available when using coupons honestly. Knowing what the grocery store offers for their coupon policy is also important. Shopping at a grocery store that offers double coupon value can help to save considerably. Planning on using coupons when items are on sale also help to further save the consumer money.

BY: N Wilson



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