Holistic Medicine specialist Yogi Cameron interviewed on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

'The Guru in You' book authored by Yogi Cameron

(Best Syndication News) - On yesterday's ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ they had book author Yogi Cameron Alborzian on the TV show to share about holistic medicine and ways to become healthier in as little as 28 days. Yogi Cameron is the author of the book ‘The Guru in You.’

Dr. Oz introduced Yogi Cameron as his “secret weapon” that viewers can get an health overhaul in as little as 28 days. Cameron had a friend past away, that is when he took a completely different path in life and became a Yogi.

Cameron decided to become a yoga teacher by traveling to India to learn from a guru. He has spent ten years in India learning yoga and he practices throughout the day starting at 5 – 6 in the morning.

In order to diagnoses people with holistic medicine, Cameron will look at the eyes and the pulse of the person. He will also find out what they are eating, and when did they sleep. Cameron said that willpower, intention, and wanting to change are what are needed for people to get what they are looking for. He adds that many things in life is a choice.

28 Day Holistic Health Overhaul from Yogi Cameron

Dr. Oz started this segment by asking if it is possible to change someone's life that much in 28 days. Cameron said that if they want to do it, that the changes will take root.

They have a woman named Patricia on the TV show. She admits that she is a junk food addict. She wants to eat healthy and exercise, but she doesn’t do these things. She said that she feels sluggish most of the time. She worries about her health and wants to live long enough to watch her kids grow old. She said that she feels closer to 60 even though she is decades younger. Dr. Oz had some of her medical numbers that he shared with her and the audience. Dr. Oz said that her BMI number made her obese. Her waist needs to be less that 37 inches; hers was two inches more at 39 inches. Her fasting blood sugar was 100, which Dr. Oz said was pre-diabetic.


Cameron said that she needs something to motivate her every day, something to look forward to such as a hobby. That way she will not be looking for food to eat all the time.
Next Cameron explained that in holistic medicine that they examine the tongue for signs of health. They look for a coating on the tongue.

Week One - Detox and Diet

Drink plain hot water in the morning, because Cameron said that it will massage the kidneys awake. Drinking coffee is toxic to the body he said. Additionally he said not to eat any processed foods. Instead eat the food in the least processed form, like when it is first picked from the Earth.


If you can stand drinking just hot water plain, he suggests drinking Chamomile tea because it is believed to calm down the nervous system. He added that you might not be hungry after drinking plain hot water.

Week 2 - Boost Energy

Cameron said that energy boosting is about energy conserving with holistic medicine. If you are tired, sit down and do not do anything. Doing nothing will get you more energy.
Dr. Oz said that there is a category that he disagrees with Cameron about. Cameron recommends that people should not have sex too much. Cameron said having less sex would conserve energy. Dr. Oz disagrees by saying there is a sexual famine in America. Being in close contact brings intimacy said Dr. Oz. Cameron said sex will deplete your energy if you have too much of it.

Cameron and Patricia do a relaxing yoga position called the child’s pose. This yoga position is relaxing he explains.

Week 3 - Reduce all the Stress


Cameron explained that the nasal passages need to be taken care of every day. He said to take some saltwater and clean out the nostrils by blocking one nostril and suck up the salty water on the other side. This is to be done before bed. After that, Cameron said to take Ghee and put it on the inside of the nostril. This will help the nose from becoming dried out.

Week 4 - Get rid of Aches and Pains

Cameron said that you should not eat late at night because it will bring pain to the joints the next day. He suggests drinking Tulsi Tea because it helps drain the mucus membranes and is anti-inflammatory.

By: Marsha Quinn

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