Deepak Chopra shares How to Meditate to Lose Weight and Anti-Aging Tips on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

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(Best Syndication News) - Alternative health author Deepak Chopra was on today’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show’. Chopra shares some tips that will reverse aging and demonstrated how to meditate to lose weight. Chopra is unique because he brings together ancient Indian medicine and modern western medicine. Deepak Chopra is author to almost 60 books. His newest book is called ‘The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness.’

Chopra explained that higher thoughts could affect your health and influence your emotions and biology. By doing certain things, you could potentially rewire your brain he added. People can slow down aging and actually reverse the process. In four months, you can turn on the good genes and turn of the bad ones he says.

Dr. Oz asked Chopra what would be the one thing people can do today to make their life better?

Chopra answered by saying a person should close their eyes, breathe, and ask themselves who am I, what do I want, what is my purpose? He said that you do not have to know the answers to the questions. Leave the question and life will move you to the answers Chopra added.
Dr. Oz asked what the biggest mistakes that people make are.

Chopra replied that there are no magic solutions but the healing comes from within.

Dr. Oz asked Chopra how we could have the ability to reprogram our genes.

Chopra said it is how we interact with the environment and how we behave and relate to others. These actions can turn on the good genes and turn off the bad genes. The bad genes could lead to heart disease, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers said Chopra. In order to activate the good genes he explains, you need to have good behavior, relate to others, exercise, get good sleep, and learn to manage stress.

Deepak Chopra’s Steps to reverse the Aging Process.

Stress Reduction Tip:

Dr. Oz asked why stress is so harmful.

Chopra answered that stress affects everything. Stress can lead to addictive behavior. The addictive behavior can cause cancer, infections, heart disease, etc.

Dr. Oz said he did not believe that stress could be so harmful until he learned about telomeres. Dr. Oz showed a demonstration on how the neurons have DNA that replicate themselves. The DNA can fray and shrivels up the nerves.

Chopra said that breathing is an easy way to reduce stress. He demonstrates a simple breathing exercise to reduce stress. He suggests people do this 5 – 10 minutes daily. He said to press the thumb on the right nostril to block of the air on that side, then breathe in. When you want to breathe out you would then you put the middle and ring finger on the left nostril. That way you alternate plugging each nostril so air flows in on one side and out on the other side. Chopra said that it balances the sympathetic nervous system.

Food Tip: Eat the Six Tastes of Life

First, Chopra said to favor fresh foods and to avoid the processed foods. Then he explained that there are six tastes of life and the seven colors of the rainbow in food. He said that you ingest the universe into our bodies when we eat.

The first three groups are the Sweet, Sour, and Salt groups, which dominates most people’s diets and will slow down their metabolism. Chopra said that you still need some of these foods to be alive. He said that yogurt, citrus fruit, berries, and a little bit of salt are some food choices in this group. Have some of them or you will have craving he cautions.

Then next group is Pungent , which is things like mustard, ginger, radishes, spices, and horseradish. These foods are often anti-inflammatory and will speed up a person’s metabolism. The Bitter group includes yellow or green food, which are foods like spinach. The Astringent group will pucker the mouth a little bit. Foods in this group are mushrooms, lentils, figs, and green or black tea. The last three groups, Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent are good for losing weight and they will increase the metabolism.

Sleep Tip : Follow your Circadian Rhythm for optimal rest

Chopra said people need between 6- 8 hours of sleep each night. The best time to get this rest is between 10 pm and 6 am, which fit with a person’s circadian rhythm. In order to do get to bed at this time he explains that you should eat a light meal before sunset and take a little walk afterwards. To get rid of your thoughts, he says to download your thoughts using a journal.

Nutritional Tip: Four Supplements

Chopra recommended four “Nutritional Compliments” which are supplements that could help with reversing the aging process. He suggested people over the age of 40 take an aspirin each day because it is a good anti-inflammatory. Everyone can take a generic multi-vitamin every day. The third supplement is 2,000 mg dose of fish oil supplements each day. Last he said to take vitamin D 3 2,000 IU. Sometimes the D3 is bundled with a little bit of magnesium and calcium, which he says is OK. This is what Chopra takes daily. Dr. Oz added that he takes these particular supplements too.

Meditate to lose weight

Deepak Chopra taught the viewers and audience members to meditate to lose weight. Chopra said with the right knowledge and expanding your awareness will help people to understand what is really going on in their body. Chopra said that people need to learn to determine if they are hungry. He explained that one kind of hunger is physical, while the other kind of hunger is emotional. Chopra demonstrated that a meal should fill up two palms to help you will feel up your stomach and will be energetic. Ask yourself how hungry am I? Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are feeling great. Meditation is dynamic and is unaffected by what is happening around them.

Dr. Oz showed a fight or flight stress animation, which is when you are being chase by a tiger. The other type is called chronic stress, which he says releases steroids and stores fat on the belly. Chronic stress has the body interpret this as a famine. Dr. Oz said that meditation works and he has helped countless patients with meditation.

Chopra demonstrated how to meditate. He said to relax, close your eyes and put your palms up. He said think of something to be grateful about, then ask yourself who am I, What do I want, what is my purpose, what makes me happy. Then observe the sensations in the body. Try to sense your heartbeat as a sound or a sensation. Relax and then open your eyes again.

Chopra said when you sit in a relaxed posture, and put your attention into your heart to be grateful, your neurons in your brain start to fire. By changing your thoughts, you are rewiring the brain. Bringing in the questions that you ask yourself during meditation activates your frontal cortex, which is responsible for cognition and thought. Then feel your body sensations, which activate another part of the brain that we use to monitor experiences. Then when you listen or feel the heartbeat, this will help to reduce the blood pressure.

By: Nancy Connors

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