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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Mehmet Oz had an informative show about cancer prevention on todays ‘The Dr. Oz Show.’ The first segment of the TV show was called ‘Ask Dr. Oz: Cancer Edition.’ After this question and answer session, he shared about the benefits of vitamin D for preventing cancer.

Doctor Oz explained that 94 percent of the people surveyed either knew someone who had cancer or had cancer themselves. The television show had assembled an expert panel of three people, Doctor Steven Standiford, MD, Doctor Deborah Axelrod, MD, and Registered Dietician, Rachel Beller, who all are involved with treating and consulting with cancer patients.

The first question was from a woman who had several of her relatives that died of lung cancer. Her mother who died did not smoke cigarettes. She wonders is there something that she can do to protect herself.

Dr. Steven Standiford said other causes from lung cancer comes from asbestos exposure. Also radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. There is a simple at home radon test which people can test their soil and sell for around $15. Dr. Standiford also said that there is a Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which could contribute to lung cancer. Dr. Oz said that there is a test that can be done to determine if a person is deficient and they can get injections once a week to address the deficiency.

The next audience member said that she is in remission from colon cancer and had relapses. She asked if there are certain foods should she eat and ones she should avoid to prevent getting cancer again.

Registered Dietician, Rachel Beller, said to avoid red meat and those that have nitrates, such as processed lunchmeats or hot dogs. Eating more cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower are helpful to prevent colon cancer. Beller said to mix up an “Anti-inflammatory magic mix of Spices” which is a mixture of ½-teaspoon turmeric, ½-teaspoon black pepper, and ½-teaspoon garlic salt. Sprinkle this spice blend on the cruciferous vegetables and then roast them in the oven. She said that drinking green tea between 4-7 cups daily would offer health benefits. The problem is most people in the US would not drink that much green tea. She recommended Matcha Green Tea ground up powder of ¼ to ½ teaspoon made it to one cup of water would give the equivalent amount as many cups of regular green tea.

The next audience member explained that her friend got stage 3 breast cancer in only two years time from her last mammogram. She wonders why the cancer spread throughout her body so fast.

Deborah Axelrod, MD said it is important to stage cancers so the doctors know how to treat the patient. T stands for tumor, N is for nodal status, which means it spreads to the lymph nodes, and M is for metastasis, which has spread to far away locations for the source of the cancer.

Dr. Standiford said that some cancers look identical under the microscope but they can grow faster and may have a way to spread quicker throughout the body where we do not want them.
Dr. Oz demonstrated how some cancers could not spread that easily, while others can break through a wall that can enter throughout the whole body.

Next question said that both her mom and stepfather have cancer and they decided to eat a raw food diet and will not any sugar even from fruit. She wants to know if this diet is beneficial or more harmful.


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Rachel Beller said that it could somewhat be beneficial; however some vegetables are better cooked. Sometimes raw food can be dangerous because of the risk of getting a bacterial infection with a weakened immune system. If the vegetables are cooked this could kill the bacteria that could cause illness. Sugar is not the culprit, but it is how you introduce sugar and by how much. An apple has sugar she explains, but is also has fiber. The fiber slows down how much blood sugar enters the body. However if a person drank apple juice it would spike the blood sugar. She said to keep the blood sugar from spiking is the benefit.

A breast cancer survivor had down the test to see if she had a genetic mutation and was negative. She wonders what her daughters should do to prevent breast cancer.

Dr. Axelrod said to have her daughters remain active, stay at a healthy weight, eat healthy. When they get older, they should avoid alcohol and should not smoke.

Prevent Cancer - Vitamin D

The next segment on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ discussed the benefits of vitamin D. Dr. Oz said there are over 1000 clinical studies involving this vitamin. Vitamin D might help prevent cancer he said.

They tested audience member for the lowest vitamin D level. Dr. Oz explained how Vitamin D is made in the body. The cholesterol takes the vitamin D from the sun through the skin, which goes to the liver. The liver prepares it for the next stage. Then the process moves to the kidney to make it vitamin D.

Dr. Oz said having enough vitamin D might prevent colon cancer. The cancer cells do not kill themselves, but the vitamin D reminds the cells to kill themselves.

Dr. Oz said a breast cancer study looked at how vitamin D might help prevent this disease. To get into the cell is not easy he said. He showed a bubble wrap model and inside the nucleus, the vitamin D can help turn on the enzyme which helps to implode and destroy the cancer cell.

Vitamin D may help prevent uterine cancer or endometrial cancer. He said that the cancer comes from endometrial tumors. This is the most common cancer in women for reproductive organs. When you are heavy, you are more prone for endometrial cancer explained Dr. Oz. An obese person has their extra vitamin D sucked up in the fat cells making the rest of the body get less. If vitamin D is not present, it can stimulate the cancer tissue to grow.

Doctor Oz said that the best source of vitamin D is by taking 1000 UI dose supplement each day. Food sources that have high amounts of vitamin D include milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon, mackerel, and tuna. He suggests taking a supplement to make sure to get enough.

By: Nancy Connors

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