Alternative Medicine Health All-Stars Showcased on Dr Oz TV Show

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(Best Syndication News) Alternative skin care and weight-loss solutions were discussed on the Dr. Oz television show Monday when several experts gave details to their approaches.

Doctor Arthur Agatston, pioneer of the South Beach Diet, explained that during the 1980s he was frustrated when his patients kept gaining weight. He found that a diet high in fiber and rich in good fats proved the best weight-loss and health result.

As a cardiologist, his goal is to prevent heart attacks, not fix patients after they already had one.

Doctor Christiane Northrup pioneered the mind-body connection for women. The mind controls what happens in the ovaries and uterus. This idea become so important to her that she wrote a book: “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”. She said medicine has become too mechanical.

Eating is important, according to Doctor Nicholas Perricone. He says that a good diet can change the aging process and has come-up with alternatives to conventional skin treatments. “Eating correctly can actually change the way we look” Perricone said.

Eat vegetables and fruits with bright colors. When he put his patients on an anti-inflammatory diet their appearance changed within a few days.

Doctor Christiane Northrup

Avoid diets high in sugar and processed flour, Norhtrup said. Estrogen receptors are found on nearly every cell in the body. Too much estrogen, not balanced by progesterone, can act as a growth hormone inside the cell. This can produce “abnormal cellular growth.”

Body fat causes too much estrogen. The problem is called “estrogen dominance”. Northrup said women who have had their ovaries removed before the age of 45 are at a higher risk of diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

Doctor Nicholas Perricone

Antioxidants are the key to preventing inflammation. Acne could disappear with the right diet, according to Perricone. “Wrinkles are optional”! Wrinkles are a reflection of our internal health.

The most important thing you can do for your skin is the anti-inflammatory diet. Dr Perricone also recommended DMAE cream for the skin.

The doctor said watercress can help prevent skin cancer. He recommended eating it three to four times per week.

South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Today

Doctor Arthur Agaston

Agaston believes that our health is dependent on the size of the cholesterol, not the total number or the ratio between good and bad. Big-sized cholesterol is good because it does not cause blockages.

Good fats, good carbs and lean protein are the secret, according to Agaston. Transfats are the most dangerous to our health.

The good fats include fats found in light tuna, canola oil and olive oil. A University of Miami study found that these fats can reduce acne.

By; Nancy Connors
Entertainment Writer



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