Food Substitutions to help Lower Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure discussed on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Mehmet Oz had a segment on his television show yesterday that discussed food substitutes that can help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The food substitutes are simple and easily found at the grocery store.

Food Substitutes to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Doctor Oz explained that high cholesterol levels could sometimes be reduced by the foods we eat and suggested three food changes that could help to lower those cholesterol numbers. Instead of eating 1 tablespoon of butter, which has 30 mg of cholesterol, eat pureed bananas because it has 0 mg of cholesterol. The doctor suggested using pureed bananas as a substitute for butter when baking deserts.

Instead of eating ice cream, which has 90 mg of cholesterol per serving, eat 2 percent frozen Greek yogurt because it has only 10 mg of cholesterol. Instead of using mayonnaise (5 mg cholesterol) on a sandwich, try using avocado slices, which have 0 mg of cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure - Reduce Sodium Intake

Salt is a major promoter of high blood pressure explained Doctor Oz. By reducing sodium intake, a person can lower their blood pressure numbers. He suggests substituting the saltshaker, which contains 600 mg of sodium, with a garlic spice blend that has 0 mg.

Marinades are salt ridden. Only 1 tbsp of soy sauce has 920 mg. Instead, he suggests using a blend of balsamic vinegar with crushed red pepper, which only has 4 mg sodium. In ¼ cup of store bought breadcrumbs there is around 470 mg of sodium. To reduce the sodium of breadcrumbs, Oz suggested using Panko whole-wheat breadcrumbs, which has only 32 mg of sodium.

Lower Sugar in Foods to improve Blood Glucose Levels

Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet can help to lower blood glucose levels. Doctor OZ suggested three foods to substitute to help get better blood glucose numbers. Instead of eating 1 tablespoon of sugar, which contains 4 grams of sugar, eat the Stevia sweetener because he said it would not cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Premade tomato spaghetti sauces can have as much as 14 grams sugar in one cup. The doctor suggests taking a can of whole tomatoes and crush them yourself. The crushed tomatoes have only 6 grams of sugar per cup. Doctor Oz said that store-bought barbeque sauce can have as much as 22 grams of sugar in a 2 tablespoon serving. He suggests substituting the barbecue sauce with malt vinegar, which contains no sugar.

By: Nancy Connors



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