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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Oz shared a collection of shortcuts during his TV show today. The first segment on ‘The Dr. Oz’ discussed the best shortcuts to lose weight. The dieting tips are simple. Each suggestion may shave off a few pounds in a year. If all the shortcuts were applied, it might be possible to lose up to 55 pounds in a year.

Doctor Oz explained that around 45 million people in the United States are starting a diet and exercise plan. Of those dieters, over 40 percent of them cannot stick to the program. Around 95 percent will gain the weight back. Doctor Oz said that stress from all different aspects of life makes weight loss challenging. Here are the shortcuts that Doctor Oz said are easy ways to lose weight without much effort.

Shortcut 1 – Eat an Apple before Lunch

Eat an apple before lunch to fill up before the main meal. Doctor Oz said a Penn state study found that eating a large apple 15 minutes before lunch would reduce 187 calories off the meal total. Penn State had another study that discussed eating high-water content foods with or before a meal for reducing calorie intake. Doctor Oz showed an example of how the stomach can be filled up with the apple and not leave so much room for the higher calorie meal. He explains that the apple fiber fills up the stomach and effortlessly a person will eat the right amount of the food for the meal, and in the end, reducing the calorie intake. In a year, a person might lose 5 pounds with this shortcut.

Shortcut 2 – Refrigerate Canned Foods

Doctor Oz explained that when you want to eat canned goods, refrigerate them first so the fat in the can will solidify on the surface. When you open the can just scoop off the fat that settled on the top of the food. You can save calories. In a year, a person could lose around 6 pounds with this shortcut explained the Doctor Oz.

Shortcut 3 – Dilute Fruit Juice



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The next shortcut Doctor Oz shared was to dilute your juice with ½ seltzer water. He said that undiluted cranberry juice has sugar that could turn to fat. To save calories and reduce the sugar content in the juice, dilute the drink with seltzer water. If you do this, you can cut the number of calories in half. Doctor Oz said that if you have two glasses of cranberry juice a day, you would have had around 48 pounds of extra sugar in a year’s time. He said that if you dilute the juice it might help you lose 13 pounds in a year.

Shortcut 4 – Fake a carbohydrate with Vegetable Substitutes

Doctor Oz said that instead of eating the potatoes and pasta; find a substitute vegetable that does not have the calories or carbohydrates. For mashed potato, use cauliflower instead. For pasta, use spaghetti squash instead. If you do fake food substitutes, you might be able to lose around 12 pounds in a year.

Shortcut 5 – Replace Oil with Applesauce

When you bake desserts, replace half of the oil with applesauce. The applesauce is much lower in calories than oil. He showed brownies and had an audience member taste both regular and applesauce substituted brownies. She thought they both tasted good. If you substitute 50 percent of the oil with applesauce in your dessert baking, you could lose around six pounds in a year.

Shortcut 6 – Swap Gym Bags with a Friend

Keith Ferrazzi, CEO, Relationship Masters Academy Author ‘Who’s Got Your Back’ and ‘Never Eat Alone’ helped out with this weight loss shortcut. Ferrazzi said that you should exercise with a partner because people are more willing to work out with a friend. He added that people tend to lose more weight with an exercise partner. While we are more likely to disappoint ourselves, we are less likely to disappoint a friend explained Ferrazzi. Another benefit to working out with a partner is that you can get encouragement from a friend during the workout. Additionally, you would be more inclined to show up to the workout in order to get your clothes and not to disappoint your friend who is waiting for their workout clothes. Another suggestion was to hang around people that you want to become more like. Doctor Oz said that all you need to do to lose 13 pounds in a year is to exercise three times a week.

By: Nancy Connors



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