Hurricane Irene causes East Coast to prepare – Arriving in North Carolina Saturday Morning

Hurricane Irene Map 3-Day Forecast - National Weather Service

(Best Syndication News) - The East Coast has been preparing for a potential disaster from Hurricane Irene. The National Weather Service forecast has Hurricane Irene traveling up the East Coast of the United States over the next three days. The size of the hurricane is large and will vary between a category 2 and 3 rating depending on the location. North Carolina will have the highest impact from the storm when it arrives on Saturday. However, other regions will face flooding and damage.

President Obama is asking East Coast residents to take the hurricane warnings seriously and prepare. He said that FEMA has been preparing for disaster relief, because it is looking like a historic hurricane.

Hurricanes often cause power outages for residents that live nearby. The outages can last for several days and sometimes even for weeks. Regions that have regular hurricanes often use backup power generators to keep their food refrigerated. Filling the bathtub with water can be helpful if the water is not available after the disaster. A person can use the water to flush the toilet.

Having extra bottled drinking water and canned food that would last for several days is a good idea. Also, have a battery-powered radio available to listen for local emergency news updates.

Hurricane Irene is predicted to reach North Carolina on Saturday around 8 am. Then it will continue to travel along the coast northward. It will reach New Jersey’s shore around 8 am on Sunday. By the time it has traveled past Maine on Monday, it will have become a Tropical storm rating.

The wind speeds for this Hurricane are estimated to be between 74 MPH and 110 MPH. If the rating of Hurricane Irene moves up to category 3, the wind speeds could be between 111 MPH and 130 MPH.

The FEMA government agency has a website at, which offers ways to be prepared for a hurricane.

By: Julie Marcus



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