Supervisor Calls New Fire Tax Theft

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(Best Syndication News) A local county supervisor is calling the California Fire Tax thievery after the state expanded the definition of what structures are now subject to this tax.

County officials would rather have seen the tax scaled back or eliminated, however the state moved in the opposite direction when they overrode their previous decision and voted to nearly double the charge levied on structures from $90 to $150.

San Bernardino County officials have identified 10 fire stations that are subject to the tax. This week the Count Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted to tax hospitals, fire stations, medical clinics and other medical facilities.

Supervisor Neil Derry is now calling the state tax “illegal”.

“How do you levy a fire tax on a county fire station,” Derry asked. “The arrogance of Sacramento is sickening and frankly, it is time for county governments to seriously reconsider their role as tax collection and servicing agents for a state that is schlepping its responsibilities onto us while at the same time robbing us blind.”

Derry blames Governor Brown for this new expanded tax. Joseph Turner, a special projects coordinator for the supervisor, tells Best Syndication that the Board of Forestry significantly limited the size and scope of the tax in August, but the governor subsequently appointed four handpicked members to guarantee support for the higher tax.

CAL FIRE estimates that the tax will generate $80 million in tax revenue for the state. Originally the tax was expected to generate $50 million the first year.

“As I said all along, this illegal tax is a ruse to fill state coffers and will not provide any additional benefits to taxpayers,” Derry said. “Pick whatever euphemism for liars and thieves you want; it fits the actions of this administration to a tee.”

By: Dan Wilson



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