Brain Activity for Appetite increases with Sleep Deprivation

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(Best Syndication News) - Getting enough sleep may be one of the most important ways to stay slim. A new study from Uppsala University in Sweden found that people who were sleep deprived for only one night had heightened brain activity in the region associated with appetite.

Previous research, conducted by Christian Benedict and Helgi Schiöth from the Department of Neuroscience at Uppsala University, found that young men at normal weight had reduced energy expenditure the following day after one night of complete sleep loss. Also noticed was that the participant’s hunger levels increased as well. The two researchers wanted to investigate how the brain is involved in hunger response with sleep deprivation.

For the new study, the researchers showed pictures of food during a magnetic imaging (fMRI) test to measure brain activity of twelve normal weight men. These men were without sleep for one night prior to the MRI brain imaging scans.

The results showed the men’s brain activity in the regions associated with appetite were at a high level. The area of the brain the researchers were watching for activity is believed to be associated with the desire to eat.

Christian Benedict said based on this study, lack of sleep could contribute to weight gain over time. Benedict suggests that sleeping eight hours every night may help to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid weight gain.

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

By: Marsha Quinn



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