California High Speed Rail Project Case Study Released

(Best Syndication News) - The Mineta Transportation Institute released a study that assessed how the communities along the California High Speed Rail Project would be impacted and suggested how planning should be incorporated. The Planning for Complementarity: An Examination of the Role and Opportunities of First-Tier and Second-Tier Cities along the High-Speed Rail Network in California is available to read for free online.

The research looked at both first-tier and second-tier cities located along the HSR network. They wanted to determine how the railway system could reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road. They predict that the HSR would more than likely create jobs, increase populations in new areas because of the fast travel on the railway. This could increase the cost of real estate because of the demand for accessing the railway transportation.

The study authors suggest that cities focus on four aspects in implementing their station stop for the railway system, which are considering the station location itself, the surrounding station area, the city in general, and the surrounding communities. The second-tier cities should work with first-tier nearby cities to come up with co-operative branding efforts for the areas unique features. The lower population second-tier cities should also consider locating the station area within a five-mile radius of the densest areas that have the most options for jobs, services, and businesses available to the travelers.

The complete PDF document is available at

By: Dave Reddy

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