Honda unveils UNI-CUB - A Compact Two-Wheel Hands-Free Mobility Scooter

Honda UNI-CUB mobility scooter credit: Honda

(Best Syndication News) - Today, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled a new personal mobility scooter that is called the UNI-CUB. The compact design of the UNI-CUB does not have handlebars for steering. Instead, the person shifts their weight to change directions to maneuver it. The rider can also drive the scooter using a touch-panel remote control with a device such as a Smartphone.

The UNI-CUB has the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) making it easy for the rider to move forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally. Because the design is compact (measures 520 x 345 x 745 mm) it is easy for a person to move around other people. It has only two-wheels, the larger one is in the front, and a smaller one is in the back.

The scooter sits higher than traditional models, at 745 – 825 mm, making it easier to have eye contact with other pedestrians. The battery uses Lithium-ion and powers the scooter to a maximum speed of 6km/h. The distance the scooter could travel on a single charge is about 6 km.

The UNI-CUB is uses balance control technology that comes from Honda Robotics research. The technology used in the scooter came from the company's research into humanoid robots, including ASIMO. The balance control system helps to make adjustments for the person riding it. Honda gave an example of a person being able to ride the scooter while holding hands with a pedestrian and still be able to move with ample control of the UNI-CUB.

Next month, Honda will be showing demonstrations of the UNI-CUB at Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. This will help Honda test how well the UNI-CUB would work indoors. They will also work towards finding the best-suited uses for the UNI-CUB.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer
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Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device YouTube Demonstration Video



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