Annular Solar Eclipse visible in the West this Sunday

USA Map of the Annular Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012, see below for more info - credit: NASA

(Best Syndication News) - An annular solar eclipse is going to be visible to huge populations this Sunday and Monday. In the Western United States, the solar eclipse is going to be visible at around 6 pm Pacific time on May 20, 2012. The solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth making the sun darkened in the middle with a glowing ring remaining. This is not a total solar eclipse. The last time a solar eclipse of this viewing magnitude occurred in the US was in 1994.

NASA explained that this event is an annular solar eclipse, which blocks up to 94 percent of the sun from Earth’s view. The event will be seen by hundreds of millions of people in Southeast Asia, and the western part of the United States. In North America, the solar eclipse will be visible at the end of the day. In Asia, the eclipse will occur in the early morning hours on Monday.

On the website,, they have an animated timetable of the solar eclipse. You can cross-reference for your time zone with a map. Most of the Western United States will have a good view of this. People living in Lubbock, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Reno, Nevada are lined up for the best view of the solar eclipse with up to 94 percent coverage. These locations and others on the path of the annular eclipse will be able to see the “ring of fire,” which is a circle of light surrounded by a dark hole in the middle. California should still have a good eclipse with around 80 percent to 94 percent. The very northern part of California should have full coverage, while Southern California should have around 80 percent coverage.

It can be dangerous to look at the sun, even during an eclipse because it can permanently damage your eyes. Sunglasses are not sufficient. Special eye protection must be used to look at a solar eclipse. The eclipse can be projected onto a piece of paper using a monocular or other means to safely view the eclipse.

Even if you do not get to see the eclipse directly, another interesting thing happens with an eclipse of this size. NASA said that you should check out the ground underneath trees to watch for crescent-shaped sunbeams and rings of light patterns displayed on the ground. The pattern on the ground underneath the trees they say is an amazing sight and will be very memorable. If you do not have a tree, you can also crisscross your fingers and the shadow cast will be the same shape as the solar eclipse.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

ref: NASA,

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NASA ScienceCasts: Solar Eclipse in the USA May 20, 2012 YouTube Video




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