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(Best Syndication News) - Verizon Wireless announced that they would be offering Share Everything Plans for up to 10 wireless devices. The mobile devices include basic mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and more. The new service plans will become available on June 28, 2012.

The Share Everything Plans will offer customers unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, video and picture messaging, and a lump sum of data transfer allowance for up to 10 wireless devices that are able to use Verizon Wireless. Mobile Hotspot service is also available at no extra expense for all devices that are part of the Share Everything Plan.

Both new customers and existing customers will be able to move to the Share Everything Plans. The 1GB data allowance plan starts at $50.

There is a monthly line access for each device – smartphones are $40, basic phones $30, Jetpacks/ USBs/ Notebooks / Netbooks are $20, and tablets are $10 each. If a customer has a tablet to add to the plan, it will cost an additional $10 per month.

If there is a need for more data transfer, Verizon Wireless sells plans at 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 10 GB monthly allowances. In their example, they said that 10GB plan would cost $100 per month.

The price is calculated by each device plus the data transfer allowance. The data transfer allowance is shared among the devices. For example, if you had two smartphones that would cost $80 plus you wanted to have a 1GB data allowance of $50, it would cost $130 per month. The perk is that you get free hotspot access, unlimited talking and unlimited text messaging.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

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