Apple announces new iTunes coming in October

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(Best Syndication News) - Apple announced that they would have a new look for iTunes this October. They will also have many new features and have worked on improving the shopping experience.

The new iTunes player will let you pick one of your albums and expand it so that you can see the songs on the album. You can click on the Play button and the album plays while you continue to browse.

An even more compact MiniPlayer with more features will be made availalbe. The new MiniPlayer will let you see the songs that are coming up next before they play. Then, if you aren’t wanting to listen to one of those songs, you can pick a different song. This can be accomplished without opening the library.

The new iTunes store will offer recommendations. If you like an album, artist, or a certain genre of music, then iTunes can offer ideas based on similar music styles.

The look of the iTunes Store will also be revamped for the Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch. The new iTunes Store is made to look the same on each platform so it makes it easy to navigate on whatever device you are using. Apple called the shopping experience simple and easy.

If you have ever previewed a song or a movie and forgot the name later on, Apple iTunes store will help you remember with a Preview History. With a click of a button, you can find out what songs, movies, and TV shows you were previewing.

Apple iCloud service will also work with the iTunes library and store. If a person wants to change a device half-way through a movie, it will know where you left off on the new device.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

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