Increased Heart Disease Risk associated with Vitamin D Deficiency

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(Best Syndication News) - A study from the University of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen University Hospital found that being deficient in vitamin D was related to a distinctly increased risk for having a heart attack or a premature death. The study results were published in the journal, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

The researchers investigated the blood sample data of over 10,000 Danes from the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The blood samples measured patient vitamin D levels between 1981-1983. The participants that were part of the large study have been followed through present day. This allowed the researchers to compare their vitamin D levels against heart disease and death rates.

The researchers compared the group with the lowest levels of vitamin D to the group with the desired level of vitamin D. The low level group had a 40 percent increased risk for having ischemic heart disease. The vitamin D deficient group was also at a 64 percent higher risk for having a heart attack and at a 57 percent increased chance for dying earlier. They also had an 81 percent higher chance for dying from heart disease.

Other studies found that vitamin D deficiencies were associated with increased blood pressure, which could be why many so suffered an increased risk for heart disease.

The researchers also made adjustments for several factors that could influence vitamin D levels and heart disease risk. Despite the adjustments, they still found a higher risk for early death and heart disease.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health Reporter

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