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(Best Syndication News) - A new TV series, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,” will air on PBS starting on October 6 and 7, 2012. Martha Stewart will be teaching others how to cook. This cooking school series will start with Martha teaching everyone how to prepare eggs.

The once weekly series will then go on to discuss how to cook sauces. In the weeks to come, she will teach the proper way to prepare vegetables, including corn, broccoli rabe, acorn squash, and more. By the end, of October she will a lesson on how to make chicken, beef, and vegetable stock from scratch.

In November, Martha will give viewers informative instruction on how to cut up a whole chicken. She also will demonstrate how to butterfly a leg of lamb, butcher beef tenderloin, and more. The next week she will teach viewers how to cook rice and make it into popular dishes such as pilaf, risotto, and Thai fried rice. Homemade salad dressings will be taught. During the last week of November, she will teach how to steam a variety of food.

During December, Martha will be teaching how to roast tenderloin of beef. She will teach her technique on how to get a crisp outside and a moist inside to the meat. Braising will be the next week’s lesson. Braising is the technique of taking an inexpensive meat and lean meat and turning them into a delicious pot roast. On the December 15 /16 show, she will teach viewers how to poach meats and eggs. The next week will be a show on how to fry foods including how to make French fries and Japanese tempura. Finally to round-off the year, she will teach her techniques for pan searing scallops, salmon, and duck breasts.

The days and times will vary for the new shows. In order to find the time, check with the local PBS station for their TV schedule.

By: Nancy Connors
Entertainment Reporter



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